Saturday, March 14, 2015

How NOT to Vacation

In a couple of short weeks, I'll be going on my first ever sober vacation. Even when I vacationed while pregnant I allowed myself one strawberry daiquiri!  It's been a while since I wrote about some of the bad drinking experiences I've had, but I want to write about one more here so it will serve as a reminder to me.

It was the summer of 2013.  Trip to California (wine country) for my brother's wedding.  One of my best friends lives in the area so as a bonus she would be along for the festivities.  A day long wine tasting excursion was planned for the first full day we were there.  Leading up to the trip I was worried about how I'd be able to handle wine tasting all day, but as it turns out I was way too hungover to even enjoy it.

As soon as we got to our hotel room there was a gift bottle of wine waiting for us.  I opened it before my husband could even put the suitcases down. The rest of the evening was spent at the pool so the kids could swim and the adults could "relax".  Throughout the evening different friends and family members came and went, always with more wine.  

Just a "few" of the bottles from that night

Long story short, I woke up in the hotel room with one of the worst hangovers of my life and a sink full of vomit.  Yep, I got sick in the sink in the very hotel room where my kids were sleeping a few feet away.  Who does that? NOT my proudest moment. Cleaning it up should have been punishment enough, but the whole next day of wine tasting was completely ruined because I felt so terrible. The day after the wedding was also ruined because of a hangover.  TWO full days of this trip were spent feeling miserable.  I will not do that again!


  1. Dear Sarah,
    I think that remembering the icky times really do help me stay sober.
    It's not fun, but it reminds me that I do not want to go back to that.
    I made it through a little vacation without drinking, and it really was fun!
    My definition of fun had to shift.
    I know you will be able to do this!

  2. I am so with you on this! I've had those sorts of vacations, too. They used to seem fantastic, though they look so dreary to me now. This past year I have had several sober trips and one sober vacation, and they really are awesome! (I even found out I'm not afraid of flying after all. I was just hungover. Who knew!) Wishing you plenty of sober fun on your coming trip! xo

    1. Thanks! I leave tomorrow...I'll post some pictures of the sober fun!

  3. Hi Sarah
    thanks for the gentle reminder of the reality we used to live. No more, you rock.

  4. I hope you enjoy your holiday! I haven't been doing too well lately. I'm getting back on track now and have started over. I'm so glad you are still going strong! Starting over sucks, the last couple of weeks haven't been pleasant.
    L putting down the glass

    1. I've been wondering about you! I have been terrible about blogging but noticed you hadn't posted anything. I am so sorry to hear you have been having a tough time. If you have decided to start over I know you can do it. I am rooting for you!

    2. Lauren I was looking for your email address on your blog as I wanted to email you. Please email me if you'd like to talk :)

  5. This post resonated with me. Sounds like some of my vacations. In fact, it sounds like a majority of my vacations. I am surprised that I considered my vacations relaxing. Usually it is a lot of drinking, hungovers and just a general tiredness. Have fun on your sober vacation. It should be a true vacation.