Friday, October 31, 2014

Day 4 October 22, 2014

I feel good today. Today will be an easy day to be sober. Weekdays usually are. I’m tired, the past 2 nights my mind has been racing at and I’ve found it hard to fall asleep. Dogs were up at 6:00. They both slept in the same crate last night and I didn’t even realize it until this morning (and was completely sober when tucking them in), funny!

New candy crush levels are out! This is another addiction of mine. I love to play with a glass of wine in my hand but I also love it without!

Doubts…Should I have started this blog? Is it really private? What if someone sees it? What if I can’t stop drinking forever? What if I don’t need to stop drinking forever? What if I don’t want to stop drinking forever? Who should I tell? What will they say? Do I really have a problem? What about vacations, holidays, weddings, weekends?


  1. I'm currently 'practising' and I can completely relate to all those questions they go through my mind a hundred times a day!!!

    1. It's funny as I read this now, so many months later. My mindset has changed so much since then! I can tell you it gets much better!