Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Going Out For Drinks

Last Saturday I went "out for drinks" with some friends from the gym. NO...I did not drink alcohol :)

I was a bit nervous. I really haven't been doing much socially.  I arrived first (I'm always early...character flaw?!?),and the next to arrive was a friend I've know for a few years. I told her my big secret was that I've given up alcohol. She was very supportive. 

I didn't make a big announcement to anyone else. The hardest part by far is when the waiter first asks what everyone is having to drink. I was surprised that the first person to order had club soda with lime!  I ordered water.  The 3 others ordered wine and beer.   When my friend ordered her beer, she turned to me and said "I hope that's ok".   I said "of course"! The last thing I want to do is make anyone uncomfortable or change what they're ordering. 

No one cared that I ordered one said a word!  Later, when the waiter came back to see about more drinks everyone said no thanks.  All I could think was how much I would have wanted more!

I had such a great time connecting with new friends and old. The biggest lesson here is that I CAN socialize without alcohol!  I CAN make conversation without loosening up with a drink first!  I can laugh and be silly and talk about serious things too!


  1. Dear Sarah,
    So true isn't it?
    We can have a good time and not drink alcohol.
    Who knew.

  2. Unfortunately not me... Socializing sober is the hardest obstacle for me to yet be conquered. Still working on it... off and on. Working on it since November of last year. People just don't know how hard it is to stop drinking, change yourself, your behavior and way of thinking. I know it is doable.

    1. Hi! Thank you for visiting my blog and the comment! I is difficult and am sorry to hear you are struggling. I have a party to attend at the end of this month and am already having anxiety about it.