Thursday, January 29, 2015

It's Official...I'm Sick

With so much sickness going around this winter I've been lucky so far.  In fact, I haven't been sick at all since I quit drinking.  I've felt it coming on the past couple of days and tried to deny it, tried to load up on vitamins.   This morning when I woke up I could not deny it anymore...I'm officially sick. It's a cold...not the end of the world.  It's interesting though that I have gotten so use to feeling good when I wake up in the morning that it was strange to wake up this morning and NOT feel good.  

I tried to talk myself out of going to the gym this morning and then remembered all the times I went to the gym with a hangover (feeling much worse), just to prove that I wasn't feeling that bad and didn't have a problem. So I did go this morning but may stay home to rest tomorrow if I'm not feeling better, after all I don't have anything to prove anymore! 

Some people have said that being sick is a trigger to drink.  I really don't feel that way and never have.  Although there was this one time in college that I specifically remember.  I was sick with a cold and went out drinking. I drank so much that my cold was completely GONE the next day.  I use to tell this story to brag, but as I think of it now I can only imagine just how much alcohol must have been in my system to completely knock out that virus...yuck!

The only thing I'll be drinking this afternoon is hot tea!


  1. Dear TMSN,
    I hate colds. I am sorry you have one. Having a cold never made me want a drink either. Tea sounds perfect! I love hot broth too! Sometimes I work out with a cold if I feel good enough, Otherwise I snug up.
    Peace and Hugs!

  2. Sorry you're feeling poorly :-( a few years ago I caught what I thought was a "cold"... Kept drinking to quiet my coughing and help my chest feel better, or forget about how bad it hurt. Turns out I had bronchitis! I was so drunk I didn't realize how sick I was! Take care. Lori K xx

    1. That's funny Lori, so I guess I could be worse off..ha ha!

  3. rug up and look after yourself. you rock, you are doing great!!

  4. I'm sick too 😱!! And it is like a bad joke to feel icky when you are NOT hungover - bah!! Hope you feel better soon. Take care of you.