Friday, January 9, 2015

The Bad, the Good and the Fluffy

I've got a couple of things to write about this morning.  One is a very serious situation happening in my life and how I'm reacting to it and the other is a totally ridiculous reality TV show I'm watching.  I'll start with the serious and end with the fluff.

A member of my husbands family is dealing with a very serious health issue and unfortunately I've not handled it very well.  When it first happened I had my feelings hurt because I was not on the group text and did not find out right away.  My husband was at work and he and I didn't communicate about it right away either.  After a visit to the hospital (on which I should have accompanied him) my husband came home emotionally drained and instead of being supportive and helpful I was a huge baby because MY feelings were hurt. Needless to say that conversation didn't go well.  The last thing I wanted to do is argue with my husband during a tragedy, yet that was what was happening.  

I went to bed and told myself that I'd do better.  I needed to realize that this was not about ME!  The people who were on the group text were the ones who should have been.  I really felt like I needed to grow up and act like an adult. That was two days ago and I do think yesterday was a bit better. I accompanied my husband to the hospital and then left to pick up the kids from school.  He came home quite a bit later and was very upset. I wanted to know what was going on but I think the mistake I made was asking him the minute he walked in.  He was visibly upset and I think waiting and letting him have time to decompress would have been better. will be better.  I think the most frustrating thing is knowing I'm acting in an unhealthy way but still doing it anyway.  It can be so hard to change behavior.

Now for the fluff!

The fluff is The of my favorite guilty pleasures!  I love it and have watched for such a long time.  There is so much alcohol on that show!  I just watched the first episode of the season and there was one poor girl who drank so much she could hardly stand up (and she got a rose!)  Of course I would never be on the show but if I was a can guarantee I would be the one who would have drank too much!  Also they always drink wine on the dates.  It is such a glamorous image of wine drinking.  I would always wonder how they could do that for so many nights in a row without being hungover, how they could sip the wine so slowly.  Now I know that they are most likely normal drinkers, it just seems so foreign to me and the way I use to drink.

So there it is.  The bad (terrible things happen), the good (I'm aware of my issues and working on them), and the fluff (gotta love reality TV). 


  1. Hey, good for you for seeing the difficult situation from an objective perspective! So much of big disagreements/disappointments in close relationships (esp H&W :)) comes from being firmly mired in MY perspective and not looking at YOURS (or being able to see that it's not about ME).

    Keep calm and keep perspective, your husband will be receptive when he realizes he doesn't have to worry about defending himself/the rest of the group, and that you are actually empathetic to his circumstances.

    Sorry it is a difficult time, but glad to hear you are handling it so well. Rock on!!



  2. Oh man,
    I could have written this post a few years ago.
    I am learning still to look at other people's point of view, especially my dear hubby.
    I am sorry your hubby couldn't understand, but I'm glad you handled it well.
    I hope today was better.
    (PS_ I am a Housewives show watcher and they go NUTS when they drink! Which is all the time!)
    Peace and hugs!

    1. Never watched the housewives although I'm sure I'd get sucked in. Hopefully their behavior is a good reminder of why not to drink?

  3. Hi. I have just been catching uo on your blogs. You are doing brilliantly! !!
    Thanks for keeping in touch too!
    Hugs from nz

    1. Hi! It's good to hear from you! I'm exhausted from just reading about your trip!

  4. I hope everything works out for the best for your family member, sorry to hear that. It is hard to know what kind of support other people want or need in a situation like that.
    As for the Bachelor I love it too. I get so caught up in that show even though its completely ridiculous. There is always wine and champagne everywhere. I wonder if all the girls really drink it or just hold the same glass the whole night?

    1. Thanks. At this point they are waiting a couple of days to decide whether or not to do surgery. Do you watch the Bachelor from the US or do you guys have your own version?

    2. We have both. We have only had 2 series of our own, I think the US one is better. Somehow the US one seems more believable (like they are really there for love and not just to try and make some sort of name for themselves). Our last series the Bachelor proposed to the final girl on national television, then basically never spoke to her again...crazy.

    3. Totally crazy and yet I love it. AND it's on tonight!