Wednesday, February 18, 2015

What Day is it?

Some of my "sobriety apps"
After I made it to 100 days it seemed much less necessary to focus so much on my day count.  I decided to leave my counting app alone and not open it.  So there it sits at 100 days to remind me of what I have accomplished so far.  Even though I have not updated the app I did count days the other day when someone asked me what day I was on, but I considered the fact that I had to actually go to the calendar and figure it out progress!  So right now I know I am somewhere between day 120-125.

Another thing that's made it easy to lose track is that I've been extra busy the past couple of weeks.  I did my taxes, refinanced my house, my father-in-law had open heart surgery (he's doing well), and I coordinated a shirt order of more that $1000 for my friend who makes shirts from my friends at the gym.

I guess the point here is that I am spending much less time thinking about drinking and much more time living life :)


  1. Dear Sarah,
    This is great!
    Life is made to live!
    You sound good, and now you are motivating me to do something!
    Peace and hugs,

  2. Well congrats to all of that!! Hugs Fay x

  3. Love this! Exactly perfect :).



  4. Brilliant - well done you!
    So pleased for you xx

  5. congrats! especially on taking care of some of your life stuff like taxes and mortgage, I am behind on some of that work and need to get at it.

    1. It does feel good. I already got the tax refund and sent it straight to our credit card and we closed on our loan last night.