Monday, December 29, 2014

Just Keep Swimming

Well I've survived Christmas...sober!  It was a great holiday this year.  I had small urges now and then but overall it was fairly easy.  Only once did someone directly offer me a drink because he forgot that I wasn't drinking.

Then I survived my husband's birthday at the wine and cheese restaurant.  This was also not too difficult.  We went early in the day with our kids.  Of course being at a wine bar I did have a desire to order a glass of wine but it quickly passed.  It was a good day as well.

Mr. TMSN's birthday dinner.  Don't worry, it's not my wine :)

Then yesterday I made it through yet another test.  A professional football game!  Of course professional sporting events are big drinking events in general, but we were sitting in a suite with a full bar, bartender and unlimited free alcohol!  

My son and I wearing our new FREE shirts!
The game was the most difficult.  I drank tea and I was fine, but I definitely felt a little flat.  I had thoughts of wanting to be able to drink normally.  I wanted to have a drink to feel less socially awkward.  I'm glad it was cold because it made the tea more enjoyable!

The bottom line is that I continue to live my life as a sober person.  There are ups and downs.  I am gaining more confidence with each hurdle.


  1. Yes, there are up and downs. I had mine last week. Plenty of up and downs. Wanted to have a glass of red badly. A few times. But just like you I made it through. I have to give it to you - your events were much tougher to not have a drink than mine. Kudos for staying strong!

    1. Thanks! I'm thinking it's only going to get easier :)

  2. Way to go!
    Those were some hard events to stay sober.
    I have heard it called, "flexing sober muscles".
    Stay strong and carry on!

  3. Good job and Happy New Year. I can't imagine starting out a brand new year with a hangover. I won't be, and neither will you! Thanks for sharing.

  4. You are doing so well. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year too. I hope you have a great (sober) 2015 :)