Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Master of What? (and 60 days!)

Today is day 60!  That does seem like reason to be proud.  I do not go to AA but I have to admit I wouldn't mind getting a shinny coin and applause for some of these milestones.  

A post on A Hangover Free Life got me thinking the other day.  It seems a bit ironic that I was a psychology major in college and I have a Master's Degree with a focus on school counseling.  It's been nearly 20 years since I have looked at most of these books.  I was a school counselor for a couple of years and then decided to stay home with my kids. 

Of course I know that even if I was a marriage therapist I would not be able to fix my own marriage.  And if I was an addiction specialist I would not be able to fix my own problems with addiction.

I had a long talk with my mom yesterday.  She and my dad got separated when I was in fourth grade.  I shared with her some of what I've been going through in my marriage and was surprised to hear that she felt exactly the same way I am feeling now when she was married to my dad.  The similarities were very interesting.  She feels strongly that I should see a therapist.  I don't disagree, but am resistant because I know it will be difficult.

She also said something else that stood out to me.  It was along the lines of "the grass is not always greener on the other side."  In other words, perhaps I would not be happier after divorce.  Maybe I need to be happy with myself first.


  1. hi babe. yes, I understand. I am in the same boat and it is what I meant the other day. the problem (I didn't want to hear this!) is with us, not the other person. yikes. fuck. but it is true. keep going, don't make any big decisions. work on yourself from the inside out.
    hugs from nz

  2. Dear TMSN,
    Lisa is so smart! I agree with her! The happier I am with myself, the better off everyone in my life is.
    A good therapist can really help.
    Hugs from Me! (I like hugs, and I hope you do too!)

    1. I love hugs and I love you guys for being here for me. It really means so much to me. Yes I agree that Lisa is smart!

  3. Congrats on 60 days dude! I have not marriage advice but I can relate. Take care.

  4. Huge congratulations at 60 days, 61 today I think!! :) well done.