Thursday, December 11, 2014


According to, an obsession is:

an idea or thought that continually preoccupies or intrudes on a person's mind.

There are lots of things I am obsessed with. My phone, candy crush, coffee, TV, drinking, being sober. In fact it was just over a week ago that I wrote about me new preoccupation with the online sober world.

Well I have another new obsession (see any patterns?). I apologize as this is a little off topic but it is so much on my mind that I feel I must write about it. It's a podcast called Serial. It's become quite popular, from the makers of This American Life. It's a real life murder mystery. I'd heard about it from a friend at the gym who desperately needed someone to talk to about it and went home and listened to the first episode and the rest is history. From last Friday evening until Sunday morning I caught up on all episodes. Then in the next couple of days I listened to them all again. Then I found another podcast which talks about the podcast and listened to all episodes of that. Then I found blogs and websites that discuss the podcast and spent all day yesterday reading and listening. Then last night I had to make myself stop. I shut the computer (gasp) and put my phone in another room to give my mind a little rest!

A couple of observations as this relates to sobriety. 1. I have literally been so enthralled with Serial that I have not had time to obsess or even think about wine or being sober. Of course I am sober but I haven't been thinking about it. 2. Before I got sober a couple of months ago I was not a regular listener of podcasts (of any kind) or reader of blogs (of any kind). Then I was introduced to sober blogs and podcasts and now I'm obsessed with a different podcast and related blogs. Coincidence?

Of course I'd love to hear from you if you happen to be listening to Serial. I'd also like to recommend it, but knowing that you may have addictive tendencies (as I do) warned. Highly addictive!


  1. It sounds very interesting. I have not heard of it! I think it sounds cool. Now that I am learning to hear, maybe I can try it. Maybe you just like learning and doing new things!

    1. Yes that sounds much better. Let me know if you listen!

  2. I think it's great that you are forgetting about wine and living your life. This must be a sign that wine is losing its edge. It no longer is as important to you. I have never played candy crush or listened to that podcast, I'd better stay away from the I think. I have a habit of getting obsessed with things too :) Putting Down the Glass

  3. yep me too. staying away from anything new, don't need any more addictions, have enough lol
    hugs from nz

  4. A lot of amazing things here, madness. First, someone just talked to me about this podcast, now I'm almost afraid to listen to it.

    Why you ask? Because I am so, so, SO like this! I never moderately like something, I either like it to excess, or I am completely uninterested. Definitely the personality trait of an alcoholic.

    As I move along in sobriety, it is one of the things I continue to actively work on. In the beginning days, of course, it did not matter... as long as I didn't drink, I could obsess about Candy Crush, or Sun Chips, or whatever TV show that binge watching entertained me. If it kept me from drinking it was okay.

    Love your blog, and I look forward to reading more!

    1. Hi! I love your blog as well and enjoyed listening to your insight on the bubble hour. Crazy how we are all so alike. The last episode of Serial comes out tomorrow so I am super excited to hear it and then hopefully put it out of my mind...but there will be a season 2...ha! Thank you so much for your comment and let me know if you decide to listen!