Monday, November 17, 2014

Day 30

Today is day 30 and it does feel like a small accomplishment.  I've previously made it to 47 days so I'm really going to feel accomplished when I get that far this time.  Honestly, the 30 days has gone by very quickly.  Overall it's been fairly easy.  I feel like my challenges will come over the next couple of months with the holidays, parties and socializing inevitably approaching. 

I told my mom yesterday that I was done drinking and she said "I support that".  I knew she would support me but it does feel good to talk about it and slowly tell more people of my intentions.


  1. really appreciate you sharing...I found your blog on Belle's site. I am working up the courage to start the 100 challenge (again) and really need to hear from someone just getting going..... I really appreciate the fact that you are focusing on what is getting better day by day, I also appreciate you sharing your doubts..... I have got tons of them....llove it that you had a bonding moment with your father in law and that you are honest with yourself about the difference in the way you drink and what you see others doing (a great place for me to start). Thanks for sharing!

  2. Welcome jnr mama! Thanks for being here. Sounds like Belle is helping us all. I absolutely love her! I agree though that it is also good to hear from others in the early part of this journey. Have you heard of the Booze Free Brigade? It is a yahoo group and there is lots of support there too. I'll look forward to hearing how you're doing!

  3. Keep writing, I enjoy your blog!

    1. Thank you and I'm glad you're here. I plan to keep writing so I hope you keep reading and commenting!